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The FAKTR rehab system is a comprehensive approach to treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction through movement. This unique system offers healthcare providers the flexibility to customize treatment plans using a variety of techniques to assist patient in getting back to performing the sport or activities that are most important to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. FAKTR performance therapists don’t just stop with getting patients out of pain and moving better—we take it a step further to optimize performance so that each patient completes rehab prepared to achieve and exceed their previous performance goals.

FAKTR Rehab System

Certification Track

Attend the 16hr hands-on course, complete the 12hr online course and final exam to earn your FAKTR certification and join our global network of FAKTR performance therapists.


Peripheral Nerve Entrapments

After completing the FAKTR rehab course, complete this 8hr online self-paced course to learn how to treat peripheral nerve entrapments using the FAKTR rehab system.

Rehab to Fitness

Level Up and Go Beyond Rehab

Learn how to progress your patients from rehab into a functional fitness program with the proper exercise prescription, dosing progressions and regressions.

Free Trainings. Every Month.

Each month, tune in for a one-hour lunchtime training with experts in various aspects of clinical care. These free courses are full of strategies and treatment tactics you can implement right away to level up your patient care.

It's Time to Move Beyond Rehab.

Level Up your Patient Care with FAKTR and Provide your Patients with a Path from Pain to Performance.

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